Lipo-Den Extreme Weight Loss Injection

Abloom Med Spa is proud to offer the Lipo-Den Extreme injection. This weight loss tool is a lipotropic injection that will help you lose weight and get healthy fast!* The team at Abloom Med Spa in Glendale, Arizona are dedicated to helping you on your journey to lose weight and get healthy, and we believe that the Lipo-Den Extreme weight loss lipotropic injection is an invaluable tool in your battle against the bulge.*

What is the Lipo-Den Extreme Injection?

Lipo-Den Extreme is a weight loss injection formulated to help you lose pounds fast.* These amazing injections allows fat to just melt off, stimulating your body to burn more fat and help you lose weight.* As part of a larger weight loss plan, a lipotropic injection provides a great baseline for fat loss and weight loss.* In order to experience the full effects of the Lipo-Den Extreme injection, you must also have a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

What does the Lipo-Den Extreme injection have in it to help lose weight?

  • Chromium Picolinate suppresses the appetite and reduces cravings.* Chromium Picolinate is a key part of the Lipo-Den Extreme and helps you lose weight by reducing sugar and carbohydrate cravings and suppressing the appetite.*
  • Choline helps break down fat in the body.* Choline is another essential part of the Lipo-Den Extreme injection. It helps break down fats in the liver and lowers cholesterol deposits.* Required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol in the body, an essential amino acid that the body does not produce, choline is necessary for the breakdown of fat during metabolism.*
  • Vitamin B5 participates in the metabolizing of carbs, fats and proteins.* B5 is in the Lipo-Den Extreme and is required for food metabolism and the production of energy. Participates in the metabolizing of carbs, fats, and proteins.* Essential for the synthesis of cholesterol, steroids, and fatty acids.*
  • Vitamin B6 helps in the body’s metabolic process.* Vitamin B6 is part of the Lipo-Den Extreme weight loss injection and plays an important role in the body’s metabolic processes. Vitamin B6 also keeps the nervous system functioning properly.*
  • Vitamin B12 gives an energy boost and helps you focus.* Vitamin B12 is in the Lipo-Den Extreme and aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats, playing an important role in proper energy metabolism and immune function.* B12 is helpful in maintaining healthy nerve cells and helps with the ability to focus.*
  • Inositol boosts your immune system and reduces cholesterol.*Inositol is a key part of the Lipo-Den Extreme weight loss injection. Inositol helps break down fats in the liver, aids in the metabolism of fats, contributes to boosting the immune system, and helps reduce blood cholesterol.*
  • L-Carnitine helps you burn fat and lose weight.* L-Carnitine is in the Lipo-Den Extreme injection and helps to transport fat and use it as fuel.* L-carnitine work when you exercise and rest, but research confirms that it is especially effective during intense exercise.*


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*Disclaimer, results may vary from person to person.